Domestic Violence in the News, August 7, 2017

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Domestic violence is a serious allegation and requires a lawyer to properly defend against. The accusation comes in many forms between spouses, from pulling hair to throwing punches, to even removing a firearm from underneath a wedding dress and pointing it at a new husband (allegedly).

The news is reporting an allegation that Clippers center Willie Reed was arrested on domestic violence charges this weekend in Miami. According to the Miami Herald, Reed’s wife, Jasmine Reed and Willie Reed fell into an argument because Jasmine wanted to get a divorce. Willie allegedly grabbed her purse and a scuffle ensued and Jasmine escaped but she went back to get their children. Another scuffle ensued wherein Willie allegedly grabbed Jasmine by the hair as she was leaving, twisting her arm and her to the ground. Jasmine grabbed a piece of glass and hit him on the head. The police reported that Jasmine had red marks on her wrist, bicep, chest and back. Willie corroborates some of this, but denies putting hands on her. The details of the account can be read in the Miami Herald here.

Now, it may seem hopeless for Willie, but with a skilled criminal defense attorney, there are some angles he can take. The first step in a case like this is investigation. Some outstanding questions remain unresolved – why does Jasmine want a divorce? The reason this is important is because it could lead to a motive for her aggression and her aggression would support a theory of self-defense. In Florida, once a defendant raises self-defense and can present some evidence that supports it, called a prima facie claim, the State of Florida has the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence that the acts were NOT made in self-defense.

For example, if the allegation is that Willie is or was unfaithful to Jasmine, that would provide a pretty strong motive for Jasmine to attack Willie, depending on the circumstances. If she’s the one that hit Willie with the glass first, then Willie is entitled to defend himself with proportional and reasonable force. The police report does not appear to dictate the injuries to Willie according to the Miami Herald’s account, but those are important details.

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